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How to add captions to your LinkedIn videos.

Friday Fun Fact:

New Features to Get More From Posting: Video Captions, Share Articles Quotes, and See Translations Adding video captions to give your videos more context.

There are often times when your community members and first connections aren’t able to watch your video with the sound on. So for these moments, you now have the option to add closed captioning to your videos when posting from desktop.

Here is a tool I found to add captions to your videos,
My recommendation is if you have a video that is over 500 MB, upload it to YouTube first, then download it again with YouTube downloader. YouTube compresses the video and keeps the quality pretty much the same.

You can now add closed captioning when sharing a video on LinkedIn from the desktop experience. You’ll need to have an associated SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file attached to the video before it can be posted.

Note: Closed captioning can be added to member and LinkedIn Page posts.

To add closed captions once you have created the SRT file.  


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Job hunting tips from Calgary’s ‘LinkedIn Wizard’

Marketing and franchising consultant shares advice to make your profile stand out from the online crowd


A Calgary-based marketing and franchising consultant says LinkedIn has never been more useful for job hunters and businesses. (Maxx Satori/Shutterstock)

Thinking of a career change in 2018? Still looking for work after being laid off? Looking to grow your client base?

Building a stand-out profile on LinkedIn could help you get ahead, says Allan Fine, a Calgary-based marketing and franchising consultant with Executive Edge.

Some might think of LinkedIn as just another social network or that pesky website that keeps sending them invites. But Fine says LinkedIn has never been more useful for job hunters and businesses.

“[LinkedIn] now has over 550 million users worldwide, so for anybody who is looking to either get a job or get a business and create connections, LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media site in the world they should be using,” says Fine.

The self-proclaimed “LinkedIn Wizard” offered up some tips on tweaking your LinkedIn profile for success.

Get a professional headshot

“A great profile has different components,” Fine told the Calgary Eyeopener. “The first thing I can tell you is your headshot should make you feel ‘real’, it should be really professional looking.”

Fine compares having a unprofessional photo with showing up to a networking event in torn and dirty clothes.

“Does that give you confidence in hiring them or working with them? Probably not,” he said.


Allan Fine says your profile should show what you can do for potential employers. He says getting a professional photographer to take your profile picture is a sound investment. (Flazingo Photos/Flickr/Creative Commons)

He recommends paying a professional photographer to take your photo because “the money you [invest] in the headshot will pay off afterwards.”

Custom background

Fine says adding a custom background photo to your profile is another visual component of your profile that gives potential employers and customers insights into what you can offer them.

He says a good background photograph should highlight your unique “features and benefits” and should be specific to your skills and defining qualities.

“The mistakes I see with individuals and people in business are having a profile background that doesn’t convey exactly what you can do for them,” he said. “It’s very, very important that your profile background coveys the benefits of either who you or what you can do.”

Custom headline and summary

Fine says your headline and summary should expand on what you do, what you can do, and what you have done.

For job hunters, a well-written headline should portray your skills and also what training you’ve done “as far as … the degrees you have or the things that you’ve done in the past beforehand.”

Looking for work? Fine says your headline and summary on LinkedIn should showcase three things: what you do, what you can do, and what you have done. (Mike Groll/Associated Press)

Companies using LinkedIn to drive business should have a headline and summary that shows “what you can do for somebody if they work with you,” he said.

Video clips and multimedia

One of LinkedIn’s newer features is the ability to add video and multimedia content to your profile.

Fine says social media platforms for business “have gone 360 [degrees]” and employers aren’t blindly hiring off LinkedIn anymore. He says they want to see examples of what you bring to the table, and video is a “very, very powerful tool” for business professionals to showcase their skills or their personal brand.

“People want to work with people and it’s so important that your headshot, your custom headline, your summary really makes a difference in conveying that message to people, as far as who you are.”

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is using LinkedIn to give a video update on trade talks with China, Fine said.

“LinkedIn can really deliver hundreds and thousands of leads to any potential business so people should be on LinkedIn that way also for getting lead generation.”

With files from the Calgary Eyeopener

LinkedIn lead generation

What makes someone accept your LinkedIn connection request?

As a LinkedIn lead generation expert, one of the most important aspects of any companies lead generation funnel is to actually get their target market to connect with them, by accepting their connection request.

You might’ve seen my other article, where I spoke about what happens 90% of the time, once someone sends you a connection request and once you accept. The very first thing they do is try to sell you their products or services. (Your thinking WTF? I just met you!)

That is probably the number one mistake I see 99% of all people making on LinkedIn, who are trying to use LinkedIn for lead generation. It just doesn’t work and almost always, the results are just dismal.

About a year ago I decided to formalize my LinkedIn lead generation system,

LinkedIn lead generation program

and during the six years of being a LinkedIn trainer, training individuals and corporations all throughout USA and Canada, these are the main 8 mistakes and things you should do that I have seen, that get results.

  1. Definitely do not try to sell someone your services or products if they except your connection request. LinkedIn should be about relationship building.
  2. When clicking on the connect button, ALWAYS include a personal message, that includes the person’s name and spell it correctly. (I can’t tell you how many times people have misspelled my name, BTW it’s Allan not Allen or Alan). I believe that really matters, spelling someone’s name correctly, that shows that you’re actually paying attention to what you’re doing and that you care.
Linkedin leads

3. Social media marketing has definitely taken a big shift over the last few years. It’s now all about relationship building, and making sure that you when you contact somebody, you propose a win-win situation. Definitely ask them about their business and what they’re up to, as well as any challenges they are facing.

4. The next thing is make sure your profile is 100% rockstar, the first thing they’re going to do if they receive a cold connection request is go to your profile. If your profile has a

LinkedIn connection requests

crappy picture, and you look like a serial killer (You know what I mean) then no one is going to accept your connection request.

Make sure all the information on your profile is up to date and all the links to websites and emails our working. Nothing says I’m really unprofessional more than someone clicking on the website in your contact information, and the site has been taken down and isn’t even on the Internet anymore.

5. The same thing for your website, if your website hasn’t been updated in years, guess what? People are judging whether to accept your connection request on that as well.

6. Is the message you are sending out congruent with what your profile says and what your website says. What is your call to action? What is your sales funnel?

7. On your profile do you have any endorsements, endorsements are like an testimonials, the more the better.

8. Lastly I only connect with people, and keep them as connections, if they fall into one of three categories:

A) Will they be my client?

B) Will they be a connector and send clients to me?

C) Can I joint venture with them on something else, or can I add value to them?

LinkedIn throttles your account from receiving new connections or building up your network at about 30,000. So while you may not be anywhere near to that, you have to think ahead a few years and if you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, eventually you will probably hit that mark. So I always ask people if they fall into one of those three categories, if after I connect with them and get to know them, they seem kind of wishy-washy, by giving me the thumbs up or not sure, response when I asked them if they want to have a telephone conversation. I disconnect and Block them.

I hope this article brought some value to you and I welcome all your comments and your thoughts on lead generation on LinkedIn and connections on LinkedIn. If I can ever answer any questions for you for free please let me know I would be happy to have a conversation with you.

Allan – – 403-246-7386

Make LinkedIn easier to use - 10 LinkedIn Shortcuts for quick navigation.

Make LinkedIn easier to use – 10 LinkedIn Shortcuts for quick LinkedIn navigation.

LinkedIn is the only tool I use now for lead generation, I used to do Google AdWords, Facebook ads and SEO for my site, but I’m in the B2B space like millions of other businesses on LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn trainer for six years one of the biggest complaints I hear is, when LinkedIn rolls out new changes like they did in 2016 at the end, there is no easy documentation out there to refer to how to use it. That’s where I step in and help my clients and hopefully you with some LinkedIn tips and tricks.

So here are some easy links to navigate LinkedIn that you can bookmark this page and use it over and over again as long as you’re logged in your own account, they will automatically redirect you to the appropriate page for your account.

LinkedIn navigation

1.     Who’s Viewed Your Profile?

I really recommend having a premium account on LinkedIn especially for lead generation, and my view is if someone’s looking at your profile they’re interested in possibly hiring you, here is a quick link to it, view your profile 

2.     On desktop unlike mobile, when you accept someone’s connection request there is a link to quickly send them a message which I normally have saved on my mobile phone in my messages. On the desktop version though unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way so here is a link to your – New Connections

3.     As a professional LinkedIn trainer, unless you’re starting out with no connections at all I recommend you only connect with people who follow into one of the three categories, especially if you are using LinkedIn for lead generation:

A) People that you have prospected and will eventually be your clients.

B) People that won’t be your client but will definitely refer people to you.

C) People who are influencers or have 10,000 connections or more that you might want to do something with later on.

Let’s face it 99.9999% of people out there including maybe you, have never reached out to all the people they have as first level connections on LinkedIn, to talk to them once in a while. With that in mind if the people that you are connecting to are not engaging with you or you’re not engaging with them on a regular basis, then why do you have them as a connection?

My recommendation, remove them as a connection, and then if you doing lead generation on LinkedIn I block them as well because if they are not going to be my customer now or do anything with me they probably won’t in the future.

LinkedIn also suggests People that you may know, so have a browse through once a week and see if you see someone you know – People You May Know

4.     See who you already know on LinkedIn by importing your address book or a CSV file

5.     We all have the ability to see how we rank in profile views on LinkedIn. The more active you are the more profile views you will receive so try and communicate/update on a daily basis. How you rank in profile views , while I don’t spend a lot of time on this one, if you want to be seen as the absolute expert in your field, then this is a good metric to measure that by. PS: People want to work with the absolute expert in your field, make sure all your “I”’s are dotted and “T”’s are crossed as far as the things you need to be viewed as, to be seen as the absolute expert in your field ( Contact me if you don’t know what those three things are)

6.     We all now have the ability to “Publish a Post”. Don’t be salesy or Spammy, try to share great content information, ask a question, asked for people to help you solve the problem. (Like, Share & Comment) – Publish A Post

7.     #6 Advanced People Search

Advanced People Search – Often neglected and it’s the perfect way to find your target audience!

If you look on the right side of the page, you will see many of the filters you used to see in Advanced Search before the new user interface launched. They’re not gone, they have just been moved

8.     #7 View pending Invitations 

Some of these could be your next customers! This one is extremely important I feel as this time as opposed to you reaching out to somebody, somebody is reaching out to you. Remember though to follow the three rules in #3. Unless you’re brand-new on LinkedIn and need to build a base once again LinkedIn will eventually throttle the ability to accept or create new connections at 30,000 ( I know that sounds like a lot but if you are doing some serious lead generation on LinkedIn that number can come up pretty fast) so don’t just accept someone’s invitation unless you truly believe it will be strategic.

9.     LinkedIn Groups 

LinkedIn groups are extremely important , make sure you only join groups of people who you believe will be your target market unless you’re goal is to network with other people in your profession and industry. Too often I see my clients who have joined groups that contain mostly people who are doing exactly the same thing they’re doing, and so the possibility of getting any new clients not group will be zero. See if there any Group Discussions that you can take part in and share your knowledge

10. See who you already know on LinkedIn by importing your address book or a CSV file . A good way to start your profile by importing people you already know on Gmail or Outlook.

Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions for free. 403-246-7386

Why you must be leveraging LinkedIn to create connections and leads

Why you must be leveraging LinkedIn to create connections and leads! (And If you’re not your competition is stealing all yours)

So almost 22 years ago I started my own boutique marketing company, and about the last 5 1/2 years of that has also been spent as a professional LinkedIn trainer. I train corporations and individuals on LinkedIn all throughout North America. I’m still amazed in 2017 ( Almost 2018) just how many individuals and corporations are not using LinkedIn either at all or properly to generate leads for their companies.

There are so many companies that are doing this and I have to tell you that if you’re not they are stealing all your leads. I know, I know, you’re saying “but LinkedIn is so confusing and hard to use, I have tried to generate leads on LinkedIn with dismal results” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that one, so here are some tips and tricks to help you through that.

  1. Your profile, it sucks, you haven’t spent any time on it, your contact information is out of date, links to websites you have on your contact information don’t even work and you even haven’t put your phone number on there. Have you ever gone to a website or even someone’s profile on LinkedIn and thought, Hmmmmm, this person is offering something I want I like to ask him or her a couple of questions. Let me click on their contact and personal info dropdown link. and………………….. where is their phone number or website link, email??????? How am I supposed to call them up and asked them a couple of questions because I really want to hire them. Wait a minute, it’s 2017, I want things fast and I want them now I can’t find any that information. NNNEEEXXTT!!!! That person has all the information in their profile I think I’ll hire them instead.



2. Take Off The Old Bring In The New– So, if you are to ever go to LinkedIn to find an expert on something, let’s say you wanted to find an investment expert, the guy or girl to handle your money, someone who really knows what the F they are doing!You go to their profile and everything looks great, except they used to be a hairdresser or stylist, no no bike courier, no they worked at McDonald’s for three years (Not that there is anything wrong about that) Expect for the fact I wanted a higher a real expert who knows investments. Now I’m kinda wondering, investment expert, maybe they can come to my place and cut my hair and make me burgers afterwards? If you want to position yourself as a certain expert in a certain field and your old expertise really isn’t relevant for that unless it shows that you have skills that those all jobs gave you that can apply to your new position. GET RID OF IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

3. Write articles and comments at least 1-2 times a week in the beginning. I’m going to your profile again and you haven’t written a single article or done anything to let me know your expert. Once again NNNEEEXXTT!!!!

4. Create systems– Everything I do has a system. In my calendar I have the days and times are going to go into my LinkedIn lead generation folder and answer all of the 60 or 70 people every single week who are getting back to me asking me to work with them. I have dozens of premade templates of responses that I can customize, but I’m not typing in it all by hand every single time someone asked me a similar question.

5. When I’m doing an active lead generation campaign for my company, I’m getting anywhere between 5 to 25 new messages of people asking me to engage with them, talk to them, have a coffee with them, set up an appointment with them. Every single day. Sometimes this new system for LinkedIn lead generation that I’ve created work so well I actually have to stop it. So I can catch up and answer everybody.

If you would like any help with your LinkedIn profile, or creating massive amounts of amazing leads on LinkedIn on a regular basis please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with me. I’ve created this brand-new LinkedIn lead generation system that is doing amazingly well for myself and my clients. It works best in the B2B market (Businesses whose target market is other businesses) Even if you just have a quick question I would be happy to answer for free, just connect with me and message me on LinkedIn.,

The Media Calls Allan Fine a “LinkedIn Expert” he has been training individuals and corporations on LinkedIn for almost 6 years and travels across North America on a regular basis to do so.

To Contact Allan or hire his company:

Leads versus sales

Leads Vs Sales, Are you doing everything you can to make both happen?

There Are two schools of thought when it comes to leads versus sales:

Of course, we all want more sales. But selling as a system and as a system there are steps you must go through to make your system work.

Here are the top seven behaviors that will win you the additional sales you desire!

1. Spending the Right Time on the Right Activities

You know the 80/20 rule, the challenges figuring out that 20% of what you do that gives you 80% of the results. First question, what are the right activities? Easy. The right activities for sales people are any activity that leads to high margin lead conversion. Any activity that does not direct lead to high margin lead conversion should either be delegated to someone else or deleted altogether.

A valuable activity is to take a full week and chart out how you actually spend your time. See where you are spending your time effectively and where you are wasting time. Adjust appropriately.

2. Managing Your Leads Appropriately

Do you have a CRM (customer relationship management) tool or system? If not, get one. You have to keep your leads organized in a system you can trust.

Next, make sure you organize your leads by urgency. Your most urgent leads should have a daily action attached to them – a call, text, email, etc. Your second tier leads (slightly less urgent) must be “touched” 2 – 3 times a week and everyone else must be given less time and energy.

Organizing your leads by urgency keeps you focused and helps you avoid becoming bogged down and overwhelmed.

3. Creating Value Clarity for Your Buyers 

In a sea of other choices, why should a buyer buy your product with you? It is our job in sales to show the buyers how we are different from our competitors and how those differences matter specifically to them.

4. Deep Discovery

How well do you know your buyers? Do your know their true mission? What has them thinking about a purchase? What doesn’t work with what they have now? What is it that they truly desire?

The more you know, the easier is it to close the sale, period.

5. Asking Closing Questions

Want to close more sales? Maybe you should ask more closing questions. Allow the buyer to make small decisions all throughout the process so the final close feels like the natural conclusion.

6. Follow-Up

Buyers don’t always make a buying decision on their first visit. They need and want a sales person who follows up and follows through to help guide them through the process. Re-engage with your buyers quickly and reiterate how what you are selling will improve their lives.

7. Ask For the Sale Every Time

Okay, sure…file this one under, “Duh!”.

And then honestly ask yourself if you’re actually doing it.

Top performers constantly and consistently evaluate their techniques and behaviors. What worked for you before won’t always work for you now. Where can you get better? What are the behaviors you need to build to close more sales? Better behaviors. Better results.

LinkedIn ideas for engaging with your ideal client

How to connect with people on LinkedIn.

I’m so glad you found us, this program is for people who want to master the use of LinkedIn as well as generate unlimited leads on the best social media interface for business-to-business.

1. The Connector
2. The Warm Introduction
3. The Name Drop – Part 1
4. The Name Drop – Part 2
5. Keep In Touch (New Job)
6. Who’s Viewed Your Profile
7. Endorsement Request
8. Recommendation Request
9. Join My Group
10. Connection Thank You
11. Follow My Company Page
12. Referral Swap Request
13. Media Reporter Outreach
14. Email List Builder
15. Reach out to your first level connections, to see who will network with you?


1. The Connector
How Can I Help You?
Hi [Insert Contact First Name],
I hope that work is going well and trust that you are taking some time to enjoy [Insert Event or Time Of Year]!
I just wanted to let you know that I have been actively using LinkedIn recently and have found it to be an incredibly powerful networking tool……especially when I use it to help people in my network connect with each other.
So, with that in mind, is there anyone in my network you’d like to meet?
If not now, feel free to reach out to me anytime in the future for an introduction. After all, if I can help you reach your professional goals, then I know I’ll get to mine faster as well!
[Insert Your First Name]
p.s – [Tell them what is going on in your world. Did you start a new business? Do you have a new product for sale? Are you looking for investors? Are you looking for a new job?]
p.p.s – [Offer something of value for FREE (PDF Report, Free Consultation, etc)]

Like to see the rest and Start receiving regular leads for yourself and your company on LinkedIn?
Click here to set up an appointment to talk, I want to book an appointment

LinkedIn Marketing

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is always up to Date!

I’ve been training individuals and corporations on LinkedIn for over fourteen years now. Recently I put together a LinkedIn lead generation system that is doing amazingly well for my clients and myself.

When I go on to a persons profile to connect and engage with them after using my lead generation system, I’ve been absolutely blown away by how many individuals have outdated or incorrect information on their profile.

Especially their website addresses, that are out of date, incorrect, or just don’t work. C’mon people get it together!!

Since I created my brand-new LinkedIn lead generation system I’ve truly embraced the fact that LinkedIn is one of the most phenomenal place to generate leads for businesses,especially if you’re in the B2B space like I am. The thing is, that once you connect with people and they do any research on you especially by clicking on links on your profile, if your website doesn’t work or your links don’t work. You Don’t Look Professional!!

So with that in mind, I challenge all of my connections and even people I don’t know on LinkedIn, to go into the section where you edit your profile and update all of your information.

Especially your:


Email address

Phone number

Skype ID


There is a whole bunch of other things you want to do as well. But I’ll get into that later on. If you need a never ending stream of leads from LinkedIn or you want help updating your profile, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Allan Fine,,403-246-7386