Calgary Sales Lead Generation

How to Find Sales Leads in Calgary on LinkedIn.

In a nutshell, absolutely!

LinkedIn is one of the largest if not the largest B2B  databases in the world. Especially for people in Edmonton with a population of over 1 million,  LinkedIn is the marketing and lead generation salvation you been looking for!  Edmonton  businesses are hungry for leads, unfortunately so many Edmonton businesses are not using LinkedIn properly and that’s where we can help.   lead-generation-companies-Calgary We all know that LinkedIn is the world’s largest database of business professionals, but when you break this down into actual numbers the size of the opportunity becomes clear. LinkedIn Numbers 740   According to LinkedIn:
  • There are now almost 740 million business professionals on their network (as of July 2020)
  • 120 million of those users are active daily
  • 50 million users are in decision-making roles
That’s 50 million potential targets on the LinkedIn network that are in positions to make business and buying decisions. This leaves little doubt that there is a large audience which presents the opportunity to generate new business from the LinkedIn platform if a smart strategy is employed. We’ve been using LinkedIn for our company since 2008,  and have run our lead generation program since 2013. We’ve also own a digital marketing and website design firm since the year 2000.  Just check out the owners “LinkedIn profile” in the bottom for recommendations. Most of the businesses we do work for, generate between 5 to 15 new telephone sales calls and leads every single week, after an initial 30 day ramp up time. What would 5 to 15 new leads every single week for your company do? Ready to get started? Just schedule a call. Here’s my calendar. Just book when it’s convenient for you.