Leads versus sales

Leads Vs Sales, Are you doing everything you can to make both happen?

There Are two schools of thought when it comes to leads versus sales:

Of course, we all want more sales. But selling as a system and as a system there are steps you must go through to make your system work.

Here are the top seven behaviors that will win you the additional sales you desire!

1. Spending the Right Time on the Right Activities

You know the 80/20 rule, the challenges figuring out that 20% of what you do that gives you 80% of the results. First question, what are the right activities? Easy. The right activities for sales people are any activity that leads to high margin lead conversion. Any activity that does not direct lead to high margin lead conversion should either be delegated to someone else or deleted altogether.

A valuable activity is to take a full week and chart out how you actually spend your time. See where you are spending your time effectively and where you are wasting time. Adjust appropriately.

2. Managing Your Leads Appropriately

Do you have a CRM (customer relationship management) tool or system? If not, get one. You have to keep your leads organized in a system you can trust.

Next, make sure you organize your leads by urgency. Your most urgent leads should have a daily action attached to them – a call, text, email, etc. Your second tier leads (slightly less urgent) must be “touched” 2 – 3 times a week and everyone else must be given less time and energy.

Organizing your leads by urgency keeps you focused and helps you avoid becoming bogged down and overwhelmed.

3. Creating Value Clarity for Your Buyers 

In a sea of other choices, why should a buyer buy your product with you? It is our job in sales to show the buyers how we are different from our competitors and how those differences matter specifically to them.

4. Deep Discovery

How well do you know your buyers? Do your know their true mission? What has them thinking about a purchase? What doesn’t work with what they have now? What is it that they truly desire?

The more you know, the easier is it to close the sale, period.

5. Asking Closing Questions

Want to close more sales? Maybe you should ask more closing questions. Allow the buyer to make small decisions all throughout the process so the final close feels like the natural conclusion.

6. Follow-Up

Buyers don’t always make a buying decision on their first visit. They need and want a sales person who follows up and follows through to help guide them through the process. Re-engage with your buyers quickly and reiterate how what you are selling will improve their lives.

7. Ask For the Sale Every Time

Okay, sure…file this one under, “Duh!”.

And then honestly ask yourself if you’re actually doing it.

Top performers constantly and consistently evaluate their techniques and behaviors. What worked for you before won’t always work for you now. Where can you get better? What are the behaviors you need to build to close more sales? Better behaviors. Better results.