Does your Business need more Sales?

There are only 3 ways to get more sales!

1. Get more leads.
2. Close more Leads.
3. Make more Products

You already know how to close, we get you the Leads!

But please don’t believe us, listen to our client Jon. The situation was pretty desperate, working on the very first Canadian concrete Expo being held in Toronto in February 2018.  As the number one sales and marketing director, Jon was having a real challenge getting the decision-makers of some of the world’s biggest concrete and construction companies on the phone. Cold calling and cold emailing were falling on deaf ears with absolutely no engagement from the client.

With our LinkedIn lead generation system, his company was able to do an extra $450,000.00 in sales in the 4-5 months leading up to the show.

Just imagine what we could do for your company!

In fact, “During debriefing after the show happened, Jon told us that generally speaking, a brand-new large tradeshow is not profitable in its first year.” Not only were they profitable year one, but I’m told current plans call for doubling in size for the 2019 show. Jon told me himself that this would never have been possible without the LinkedIn lead generation system.