Get Out Of LinkedIn Jail!

LinkedIn has their own bots trolling the LinkedIn network and if they’ve detected that the account may have been hacked or compromised. ( This could be from your VA, in India or the Philippines, logging into your account)
Linkedin-jailDepending on the violation, you may have the content removed or your account restricted. One of the most challenging things I find about restrictions on LinkedIn is they don’t tell you, until someone emails you or calls you on the phone that they can’t see Your LinkedIn account anymore.

More severe violations can actually have your account restricted indefinitely.

Do this, not that on LinkedIn!
LinkedIn has created their own list of dos and don’ts that outline its expectations of behaviour and how you will use their services, which you can find as part of their User Agreement. To help remove any doubt for you about what is and is not acceptable on LinkedIn, here is an overview of their expectations of your use and behaviour on LinkedIn.

Usually, it’s not an actual physical person doing this as far as restricting your account it’s the LinkedIn Matrix (As I like to call it)

The artificial intelligence that runs in the backend of LinkedIn figuring out whether people are misbehaving, using bots, sending out spammy requests or spammy messages.

Although no one knows for sure how exactly it works because LinkedIn never tells you. But they are pretty good at getting your profile back online, just figure out what you did or what you think you did, and don’t do that anymore!

If you need help getting your profile back I have a 1-time fee,  $250 and I guarantee it to work or your money back, just book a 30 min on my Calendar.